Each year, hundreds of thousands of people in America are stricken by temporary homelessness. This affliction is a tragic result of economic problems, illness, domestic violence, natural disasters, and other difficult circumstances that place members of our community in an unthinkable position—living on the streets.

HomeAid believes in second chances. As one of the nation’s leading nonprofit providers of housing for the homeless, HomeAid builds and renovates multi-unit residences for those in need, providing the time and security that is so essential to the rebuilding of these fractured lives. To date, the organization has provided housing for more than 100,000 people who have been rendered homeless. With the generosity of many of the nation’s top builders and their trade associates, residences are constructed or renovated to help the temporary homeless get back on their feet, attain self-sufficiency, and in time, find suitable permanent housing.

Temporary homelessness is a very real problem in America, but with the support and commitment of HomeAid, it can get better.